An Extract from The Fire Precautions Act 1971 concerning fire precautions in premises used as hotels and boarding houses which require a Fire Certificate.
Fire notices and floor plans
16.11. The contents of fire notices will normally be specified in the fire certificate. Printed notices, including floor plans, should be displayed at conspicuous positions throughout the building (e.g. hotel bedrooms, public rooms etc) stating in concise terms the essentials of the action to be taken by both staff and guests upon discovering a fire or on hearing the fire alarm. A floor plan should not be elaborate but should indicate the route or routes to a place of safety. Where appropriate, a translation into other languages should be provided. Written instructions may be supplemented by advice in pictogram form. All notices should be fixed permanently in position and should be laminated or framed to prevent loss or defacement.
16.12 In all but the smallest of premises it is recommended that there should be a plan of the premises located in a place agreed with the fire authority. This recommendation is based on paragraph 8.1.2 of the Annex to the EC Recommendation on Fire Safety in Existing Hotels (see Appendix C). The plan would be for the information of the fire brigade and would indicate the location of:-
  1. stairways and escape routes;
  2. available extinguishers;
  3. gas and electricity supply shut-off devices;
  4. where appropriate, the shut off device for the ventilation system;
  5. where appropriate, the control panel for the automatic fire detection and alarm system; and
  6. where appropriate installations and areas of particular risk.